This is my archive of photographs that I have taken, and which I particularly like. Please feel free to browse; any constructive comments will be appreciated.

My main site is at the Patently Rubbish blog, where I go to vent my spleen or ask awkward questions. This is a quieter spot; I hope you like it.

The aim in putting these photos here is to share them, and see if others like them as much as I do. However, if anyone would like to use them for commercial purposes then I would be (a) amazed and very flattered (b) (subject to the nature of the intended use) more than willing to grant permission in return for a fair recompense and due acknowledgement. For non-commercial purposes, I may be willing to waive payment – please contact me to discuss. Higher resolution versions of most images are available if necessary.

I can be contacted via patentlypatently [at] gmail dot com (omit the spaces, unless you are a spambot).